Poppies at the Australian War Memorial in CanberraANZAC Day in CanberraThe Nations capital of Canberra commemorates Anzac Day with the early dawn service at the Australian War Memorial. The Anzac Day Canberra dawn service can be quite chilly in the brisk early morning air. So make sure you rug up as it all starts around 5am. It is a fabulous event held with great dignity.

The dawn service is followed later around 10am by the National ceremony and march. In between the service and the march it is a good opportunity to have some tucker with an Anzac Breakfast. Many of the cafes and restaurants of Canberra will be open to serve. And then later in the day after the march it's ideal to catch an Anzac Day Lunch and reflect on the earlier services.

Enjoy your Anzac Day in Canberra.

ANZAC Day Events in Canberra 2025

Here is our guide for the hottest events in Canberra over the ANZAC Day long weekend.

  • ANZAC Day at Margot bar

    Margot Wine & Espresso Bar

    ANZAC Day

    Need refreshments after the ANZAC Day Dawn Service? Margot Bar will be open for Coffee from 6am. Plus Pizza and Drinks from 12pm.

    Open from 6am for Coffee

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Canberra Margot Wine & Espresso Bar
ANZAC Day Refreshments Attending a Dawn Service this ANZAC Day? Stop by Margot Bar afterwards and warm up with a Coffee from 6am. Also open from Pizza and Drinks from 12pm. Check out the menu.

ANZAC Day Canberra 2025 Community Events

Canberra Australian War Memorial
Canberra ANZAC Day Dawn Service Arrive early (around 4.30am) for this event as crowds can be quite large. The service starts around 5.30am. Head into the CBD venues for breakfast afterwards.
Canberra Anzac Parade
Canberra ANZAC Day March Annual event starts around 9.30am. Veterans and some family descendants. Moving ceremony embraced by all.

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Anzac Day in Canberra Commemorations and Community Events Guide
Canberra Anzac Day, Canberra CBD, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601
Starting on
April 25, 2025
Ending on
April 25, 2025
Anzac Day commemorations guide to ideas and community events in Canberra. Ideas including festivities, parades and dining options. Have a solemn Anzac Day in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.