Come in Spinner

To get a real sense of Anzac Day one should immerse themselves in the culture of the Anzac Spirit.
A tradition on Anzac Day after honouring the fallen at the Dawn Service and then attending the Anzac Day March is to head to a venue that will host an Anzac and Aussie traditional game of Two Up.  As it is a gambling game it is ONLY legal in the venues on Anzac Day!

Where does Two Up come from?

It may be an Aussie tradition but just like Phar Lap is it something born elsewhere that Aussies have adopt as it's own. Two Up arrived in Australia as ‘pitch and toss’ by the Irish and English immigrants back in the 1800 days of the gold rush.  With not a lot to do in down time during World War I soldiers were hooked.  Nowadays many venues will host a Two-Up ring on Anzac Day!

How to Play the traditional Anzac Day Two-Up.

1/  A large ring of Punters is formed.
      A Boxer ( ref ) is in the middle and will manage the betting and the game.
      A Ring Keeper is also in there to looks after the Kip ( wooden paddle to put coins on) and the coins after they are tossed
      And one Spinner ( a Punter from the audience ).

2/ The Spinner is a Punter who places a bet on the throw.  He is introduced by the Boxer and then that bet will be matched by another punter.  Then the rest of the other Punters can place side bets with each other on Heads or Tails.  Punters will yell out "tennaheader" and that means to wage $10 on Heads coming up.
Another Punter will agree by locking eyes and usually the pool of money (in this case $20) is held by the person betting on Heads.

3/  The Ring Keeper places Two Coins ( normally One Pennys ) on a paddle ( or kip ) and hands to a Spinner.
      The Boxer closes off all side betting by yelling out "Come in Spinner"
      The Spinner tosses the coins off the paddle and upwards into the air making sure they rise above the Spinners head and also land in the ring.

4/  If the two coins land as two heads, you won.  If they are two tails, you lost and if they are one of each the Ring Keeper puts them on the Kip and you toss again until there is a result.

5/  Grab a frothy and banter with your mates about the win or the loss or how many time heads has come up in a row!

But make sure you enjoy your game of Aussie Two Up on Anzac Day and bet responsibly!